Supporting School-based Teaching Strategies: Creating Videos for Parents


Funding Program:

Ontario Ministry of Education

Funding Amount:


Funded through the Parents Reaching Out Grant program, this project will involve developing videos for parents on different teaching strategies: one video will support strategies for reading, and one video will support similar strategies for mathematics.

The main goal of this project is to collaborate with an elementary school teacher to assist parents with understanding school-based teaching and learning strategies.

The project will directly impact one school, and upon completion of the project, a wide range of parents across the province. The commentary on the video will outline how the strategies can be easily adaptable across elementary grade levels.

This project will lay ground for other teachers and academics in the province in developing their own videos that promote continuity between home and in-school learning, by showcasing teaching strategies in more familiar contexts (e.g., reading and writing) and then taking them into learning of less familiar home subjects (e.g., mathematics).

By no means is sharing teaching strategies with parents considered more important than learning from what parents are already doing at home to support literacy and mathematical learning. We believe that both are important for the success of students. This research focuses on how educators can better communicate information on teaching strategies occurring in school. Supporting teachers to communicate with parents in a more involved way about their teaching practice can open up more successful communication between parents and teachers, which can further impact students' learning.