Student Accommodations and Other Supports

Student Accommodations

Students who require accommodations in their classes and/or practicum placements should make an appointment with Student Accessibility Services (SAS) at York University before the start of classes. SAS offers pre-university transition support, which may be of interest to students and their families.

After their appointment(s) with SAS, eligible students may receive a letter outlining the accommodation(s) that they require in each class.

It is each student’s responsibility to communicate with each of their Course Directors and to show them the letter in order to request accommodations.

Please note: When physical accommodations are required, it is helpful to communicate accommodation needs in advance of the first day of classes in order to help the Faculty confirm appropriate classroom spaces. Please discuss your accommodation needs and provide a copy of your letter to our Student Services offices before classes begin; make an appointment at (undergraduate) or (graduate).

Other Supports

English as a Second Language (ESL) Support - The ESL Open Learning Centre offers support to students whose first language is not English.

For more information, visit Student Accessibility Services